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Humidity Control System Installation

A grand Dampp-Chaser ($760 + tax) includes a humidistat, 2 dehumidifier bars, a humidifier with smart heater bar, a watering tube, a warning light panel, a watering can, and a bottle of humidifier additive. The owner must periodically add a cap full of additive in a can of water every two to three weeks. An annual service is important to keep the system clean and working optimally.

An UnderCover ($260 + tax) doubles the grand system’s efficiency by buffering between the ambient atmosphere and what the humidifier and dehumidifiers work to provide under the soundboard.

An upright Dampp-Chaser ($680 + tax) has similar components to the grand system but works from inside the piano's case, with no need for a covering. An UnderCover may be added as a back cover, though, if room heater proximity is a problem.

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